The 33rd International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation (ISAAC 2022)

The 33rd International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation (ISAAC 2022) will be held in a hybrid manner; physically at Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea and also online, on December 19–21, 2022.

The proceedings volume of ISAAC 2022 is now available.

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Invited Speakers

Jeff Erickson
(University of Illinois)
Kunihiko Sadakane
(University of Tokyo)

Important Dates


Registration is open.


Call for Papers


Accepted Paper List


Program Committee

Sang Won Bae
(Kyonggi University; co-chair)
Hideo Bannai
(Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
Ho-Lin Chen
(National Taiwan University)
Siu-Wing Cheng
(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Jinhee Chun
(Tohoku University)
Adrian Dumitrescu
(Algoresearch L.L.C.)
Shuichi Hirahara
(National Institute of Informatics)
Wing-Kai Hon
(National Tsing Hua University)
Seok-Hee Hong
(University of Sydney)
Sungjin Im
(University of California, Merced)
Seungbum Jo
(Chungnam National University)
Christian Knauer
(Universität Bayreuth)
Inbok Lee
(Korea Aerospace University)
Anil Maheshwari
(Carleton University)
Subhas Nandy
(Indian Statistical Institute)
Yoshio Okamoto
(University of Electro-Communications)
Hirotaka Ono
(Nagoya University)
Sang-il Oum
(Institute for Basic Science and KAIST)
Heejin Park
(Hanyang University; co-chair)
Solon Pissis
Kunihiko Sadakane
(University of Tokyo)
Francesco Silvestri
(University of Padova)
Fabian Stehn
(Universität Bayreuth)
Wing-Kin Sung
(National University of Singapore)
Takeshi Tokuyama
(Kwansei Gakuin University)
Ryuhei Uehara
(Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
André van Renssen
(University of Sydney)
Kevin Verbeek
(Eindhoven University of Technology)
Tomasz Walen
(University of Warsaw)
Alexander Wolff
(Universität Würzburg)
Deshi Ye
(Zhejiang University)
Guochuan Zhang
(Zhejiang University)

Organizing Co-Chairs

Hyunjoon Kim
(Hanyang University)
Heejin Park
(Hanyang University)

Code of Conduct

The open exchange of ideas and the freedom of thought and expression are central to the aims and goals of ISAAC. These require an environment that recognizes the inherent worth of every person and group, that fosters dignity, understanding, and mutual respect, and that embraces diversity. ISAAC is committed to providing an environment that is free of discrimination and harassment, and expects all participants to honor that commitment.

If you experience or witness discrimination, harassment or other unethical behavior at the conference, we encourage you to seek advice and remedy through the following option:

Report to the conference chair, the PC chairs or the Steering Committee chair. The chairs are entitled to remove registered participants from the conference (without refunding the conference fees) if they are deemed to pose an ethical risk to other participants.

Conference Venue

The 6th floor, Hanyang Institute of Technology (HIT), Hanyang University,
222, Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea, 04763.

 Room 612: Session A and invited talks
 Room 608: Session B
 Dining room next to room 612: Welcome reception and banquet


Nearby Subway Stations

    Hanyang University Station
Subway Line #2, Exit #2
    Wangsimni Station
Subway Line #2
Bundang Line
Gyeongui Line
Subway Line #5
    Yongdap Station
Subway Line #2


Hanyang University is located in eastern Seoul and there are many hotels within a short distance accessible by subway or bus. From the venue, Hanyang University Station is a 5-minute walk, and Wangsimni Station is a 15-minute walk, so you should be able to get around easily by subway (Subway Lines #2 and #5, Bundang, and Gyeongui line). The center hotspot neighborhood Myeongdong as well as two large traditional markets (Dongdaemun Market and Gwangjang Market) are reachable within 20 minutes by subway from Hanyang University. Moreover, Seoul Forest Park in eastern Seoul is reachable within 10 minutes by subway. You may also consider renting a bike. We recommend first checking the usual booking sites, as these may have reasonable price offers. We prepared some search links with the area and dates pre-selected (please make sure to adjust those dates to your travel plans):

Tips: if you only find expensive options, here are some good yet inexpensive hotels reachable by public transport:


E-mail: isaac2022seoul [at]